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Agreement - for subscriptions, website use, and other information

September 8, 2011.

Acceptance of these terms of use by subscriber is a pre-condition of ZZAlpha LTD. accepting a subscription request. 

By using the www.ZZAlpha.com website, www.ConservativeStockPicks.com website,  ZZAlpha® recommendations and any other INFORMATION provided by ZZAlpha LTD.,  YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT AND ACKNOWLEDGE READING THE WARNINGS AND DISCLOSURE PROVIDED BELOW.

DEFINITION: “INFORMATION” includes, but is not limited to recommendation portfolios, stock recommendations, ETF recommendations, newsletters, emails, white papers, samples, historical and current data,  risk information, company information, and the ZZAlpha® website, and any communications and information regarding consultations concerning institutional constraints,  provided by ZZAlpha LTD.
                "SUBSCRIBER" includes any paid or un-paid subscriber, current or past, and any user of the website and its or their employees, whether or not an investor.


  • SUBSCRIBER may cancel a subscription at any time and will be refunded any amounts paid for future subscription months.

  • ZZAlpha won't give SUBSCRIBER's personal information to anyone (except as needed for subscription billing).

  • ZZAlpha INFORMATION has no guarantees or warranties.

a)  ZZAlpha LTD. is in the business of selling subscriptions to newsletter style recommendation portfolios to professional, institutional and knowledgeable SUBSCRIBERS.  ZZAlpha LTD. is NOT a registered investment adviser, is NOT a broker/dealer, and is NOT in the business of selling investment advice to individuals.  ZZAlpha produces newsletters and emails for SUBSCRIBERS which may contain general, non-individualized portfolio recommendations.  ZZAlpha® recommendation portfolios DO NOT take into account any person’s circumstances, financial situation or needs, and ARE NOT a personalized recommendation to any person. 

b) All decisions, including investment, tax and legal decisions, of whether and how SUBSCRIBERS may use the INFORMATION provided by ZZAlpha rest TOTALLY with the management, employees, advisers and investment advisers to those SUBSCRIBERS.  SUBSCRIBERS retain the obligation to exercise due diligence with respect to the contents of ZZAlpha® recommendation portfolios prior to acting on any information.  ZZAlpha® recommendation portfolios may not be profitable and may not be suitable for any specific SUBSCRIBER.

c) ZZAlpha LTD. does not buy or sell securities, and does not handle client funds.

d) Employees of ZZAlpha LTD. buy and sell securities for their own accounts, including securities included in ZZAlpha® recommendation portfolios.  ZZAlpha LTD. and its employees do NOT hold any fiduciary relationship to any investor, whether or not a SUBSCRIBER, except as expressly stated in writing and signed on paper by the General Partner of ZZAlpha LTD.

e) There is NO WARRANTY of any kind, express or implied, regarding the INFORMATION provided.  There is NO WARRANTY of fitness for a particular use.

f) The general public is granted limited access to INFORMATION SOLELY for the purposes of general information about ZZAlpha LTD., the stock market and machine learning techniques.

g) ZZAlpha LTD. prepared and assembled the INFORMATION accessible through this website, by newsletter, by email and by subscription.  The INFORMATION often contains the result of a proprietary technique and is the property of ZZAlpha LTD.  It is protected by applicable copyright law.

h) SUBSCRIBERS agree not to reproduce, or re-transmit any INFORMATION in any manner without the express written consent of ZZAlpha LTD.

i) Although the INFORMATION used and presented by ZZAlpha LTD. has been obtained from sources ZZAlpha believes to be reliable, the accuracy and completeness of such information and the opinions expressed by ZZAlpha are not guaranteed. From time-to-time, INFORMATION may contain errors. The INFORMATION is subject to change without notice. ZZAlpha shall have no obligation to update or amend any INFORMATION.  ZZAlpha® recommendation portfolios typically change daily to reflect changing market conditions.

j) In no event is ZZAlpha LTD. liable to SUBSCRIBERS or anyone for any indirect or incidental damages, including but not limited to lost opportunities, trading losses, loss of profit or loss of principle that may result from inconvenience, delay or loss of use of, inaccuracies in, or omissions from INFORMATION. From time-to-time emails fail to reach SUBSCRIBERS.

k) The EXCLUSIVE REMEDY of a SUBSCRIBER of ZZAlpha® portfolio recommendations or INFORMATION is refund of the current annual amount actually paid, if any, for the current newsletter subscription.  In case of claim, SUBSCRIBER agrees to assert no claim for DAMAGES (including all incidental expenses including attorneys fees) in an amount more than  the current annual amount actually paid to ZZAlpha LTD.

l)  SUBSCRIBER acknowledges and agrees that its request for INFORMATION is unsolicited and shall neither constitute nor be construed as investment advice by ZZAlpha LTD. 

m) Use of Personal Information - Privacy Policy

SUBSCRIBER's personal/company information such as name, position, address, phone and email, may be used by ZZAlpha for the following purposes: Providing to SUBSCRIBER the ZZAlpha® recommendation portfolios or INFORMATION. ZZAlpha and its payment processing agents may use your personal Information for billing issues. ZZAlpha will not otherwise disclose your personal/company information to third parties. 

n) Any links from or advertisements on the ZZAlpha® web site are provided as an informational convenience to persons accessing the site.  ZZAlpha does not vouch for or guarantee those links or their content.

o)  Trademarks such as Standard and Poor’s, Russell, Dow Jones, Yahoo!, Google, CapitalIQ, Reuters, American Association of Individual Investors, SPDR, iShares, Mad Money, etc. are the rights of the respective owners and ZZAlpha LTD. makes no claim thereto.

p)  Subscription prices will change from time to time.  Renewals may cost more.

    PAST PERFORMANCE does NOT indicate the probability of similar performance in future market conditions.

    Investment in equities involves SUBSTANTIAL RISK and has the potential for partial or complete LOSS of funds invested. 

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